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Available - Born 2018-08-15


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We have babies in the house.Born: 2018-08-15

S*OhFour's Bet You Love Me PER g 03

The parents are:Sire: S*Headturners Bugsy Malone PER n 03 22 Black Blotched Tabby Bicolour - Pure Persian Dame: S*OhFour's Bam Bam Bina EXO e 03 22 Var, Creme Blotched Tabby Bicolour- Exotic////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

OhFour's Valentino "Valle"EXO/PER d 22 Red Blotched Tabby - Male

OhFour's Champagne "Charlie"PER e 03 Creme Blotched Tabby Bicolour - Male

OhFour's Creme Passion "Leo"EXO/PER e 03 22 Creme Blotched Tabby Bicolour - Male

For Sale - Till Salu

For Sale - Till Salu

SOLD (PLACED) - Såld (Katten har flyttat)

SOLD (PLACED) - Såld (Katten har flyttat)

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