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About Us

About Us... OhFour´s Cattery decided to aim to breed quality not quantity. My goal and intention is breeding, showing and loving healthy, well balanced cats, with cobby and massive body and legs, big wide open and dark copper eyes, small ears, rounded head, smooth doming, and a sweet open expression. Health and personality are our priories. We breed Persian and Exotic cats concentrating on the Bicolour, Harlequin and Van in ALL colours. Also all of our curred breedingcats are PKD tested negative (we have been PKD testing our cats via scan since 2002 and up, as well as via DNA since 2005). Our cats have vitaly and are given the highest quality healthcare and nutrion, regular veterinary chechs and shots. We seek to maintain a high standard. We do not keep our cats in cages and we do not "Massproduce" them, we do not support such treatment. We sell our kittens once they are older than 12 weeks, but only to genuine catlovers or accredited breeders. We reserve the right of refusal for the sale of any Kitten/Cats pictured on this website at anytime. All Kitten/Cats are placed with Contracts. We are registered under WCF and CFA in Sweden. S*OhFour's Cattery has been approved by the Swedish Animal Welfare Agency according to § 16 Animal Welfare Act and to the Swedish law. If you have questions about our cats please do not hesitare to ask, we will be happy to hear from you. We wish you a nice time on our site. Deepest thanks to the breeders who have entrusted us with their fabulous lines.... Frederic Gaspard & Adam Rogowski - PL*Jantar CatterySusanne & Kent Wallinder - S*Livanda's CatteryJoakim Ekström - Headturners CatterySussie Hermansson - Nightshade's Catteryand finally my dearest friend and her familyBarbro Hellberg - Kissleberg's Cattery ¤ Helen KlingVattenfallsvägen 6561 39 HUSKVARNA, SWEDENMobil:+46(0)705195391

About Us

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